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Mounting shared folders inside VirtualBox Ubuntu VM

Mounting shared folders from the host system (in this case Windows) is quite easy, by adding those mount lines to a config file the shares can be made ‘permanent’.

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Windows and Free Software

Using a proprietary operating system like Windows or OSX does not mean that you can’t use free software on those platforms. There are many explanations of why people are mainly using proprietary software over free software: the proprietary products could simply provide better functionality, they are the default applications on the system or their usage is mandatory for work or school. However it could very well be that people are just not aware of the availability of a free alternative. Awareness can be increased by telling people around you about free software and make practical suggestions.

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How to: Setting up DOSBox

DOSBox is an emulator for DOS, available for various plaforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD to name a few). It allows you to run DOS applications through a virtual machine on nearly any host. A great solution for old games that can’t run natively on recent Windows version and of course not on Linux at all. I’ve used DOSBox on Windows (Vista) and Ubuntu and it works great. Can’t remember any serious crashes and it’s easy on resources. So read on for some instructions for a convenient setup.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon via Wine in Ubuntu 11.04

RollerCoaster Tycoon (hereafter RCT) remains the best themepark sim ever made in my humble opinion. Maybe RCT2 is even better but it’s more of an improvement of RCT1 and not a new concept. I had lots of fun playing RCT in the past and it’s one of those games you can replay every now and then that continue to kick ass 12 years after being released. Unfortunately it was designed to run on Windows95/98 posing some trouble for recent versions of Windows. Also running it on Linux poses some trouble obviously. However with the version of Wine that is in the current (Natty) repositories and a working patch the coasters roll in Ubuntu too!

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