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RCT2 Scenario: Frosty Frontiers

Roller Coaster Tycoon (2) is still a great game to play. In the first game there was an entry level scenario called “Forest Frontiers”. Any one who has played RCT must know it. A nice easy map with a flat surface to place the rides on. 2 years to finish and attract a modest number of guests to your park.

Recently I picked up RCT2 again and noticed the small amount of winter scenarios. RCT2 features an ice and snow objects theme and landscaping. The only snow scenario in the defaults list appears to be Alpine Adventures. This is a nice, challenging map but also quite hard to complete imho. You need to get a monthly income of 7000 from ride tickets alone. That’s not so challenging for the average player I guess but the landscape is pretty expensive to build on as you need to build lots of elevated paths and/or tunnels to cover the map. At the time I had a good park running the income from rides was diminishing as older attractions became less popular, with guests willing to pay less and less for a ticket.

So I searched for a RCT2 version of Forest Frontiers to ‘snowify’. Found one on the following site: http://rct2downloadcenter.webs.com/scenarios.htm and loaded that one into the scenario editor. It’s a complete scenario but you can open it in the scenario editor by choosing “load landscape”. Now the only thing left to do was changing the surface to snow, remove the ‘summer’ trees and replace them with snowy trees from the icy theme.

Below you can find a download link from my Dropbox containing the scenario file. In case you want to change anything just open it in the scenario editor and you can easily proceed to the next steps to select a different set of available rides or the objectives.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7f5yjj7sv9qevr/Frosty%20Frontiers.SC6


How to: Setting up DOSBox

DOSBox is an emulator for DOS, available for various plaforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD to name a few). It allows you to run DOS applications through a virtual machine on nearly any host. A great solution for old games that can’t run natively on recent Windows version and of course not on Linux at all. I’ve used DOSBox on Windows (Vista) and Ubuntu and it works great. Can’t remember any serious crashes and it’s easy on resources. So read on for some instructions for a convenient setup.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon via Wine in Ubuntu 11.04

RollerCoaster Tycoon (hereafter RCT) remains the best themepark sim ever made in my humble opinion. Maybe RCT2 is even better but it’s more of an improvement of RCT1 and not a new concept. I had lots of fun playing RCT in the past and it’s one of those games you can replay every now and then that continue to kick ass 12 years after being released. Unfortunately it was designed to run on Windows95/98 posing some trouble for recent versions of Windows. Also running it on Linux poses some trouble obviously. However with the version of Wine that is in the current (Natty) repositories and a working patch the coasters roll in Ubuntu too!

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