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Trying to ignore the news.

Recently, when browsing the comments under some news item, I followed a link to a paper by Rolf Dobelli (PDF) supporting the notion that following the news is not beneficial to your mental and physical wellbeing. After reading (had to try hard to read all eleven pages and not quit after page 4 to do something else, like checking the news) I’m quite convinced that some of the issues raised are true, at least they describe the way in which news seems to have influenced me. In this post I’ll try to cover some of the interesting points, but you should read the whole paper 😉

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RCT2 Scenario: Frosty Frontiers

Roller Coaster Tycoon (2) is still a great game to play. In the first game there was an entry level scenario called “Forest Frontiers”. Any one who has played RCT must know it. A nice easy map with a flat surface to place the rides on. 2 years to finish and attract a modest number of guests to your park.

Recently I picked up RCT2 again and noticed the small amount of winter scenarios. RCT2 features an ice and snow objects theme and landscaping. The only snow scenario in the defaults list appears to be Alpine Adventures. This is a nice, challenging map but also quite hard to complete imho. You need to get a monthly income of 7000 from ride tickets alone. That’s not so challenging for the average player I guess but the landscape is pretty expensive to build on as you need to build lots of elevated paths and/or tunnels to cover the map. At the time I had a good park running the income from rides was diminishing as older attractions became less popular, with guests willing to pay less and less for a ticket.

So I searched for a RCT2 version of Forest Frontiers to ‘snowify’. Found one on the following site: and loaded that one into the scenario editor. It’s a complete scenario but you can open it in the scenario editor by choosing “load landscape”. Now the only thing left to do was changing the surface to snow, remove the ‘summer’ trees and replace them with snowy trees from the icy theme.

Below you can find a download link from my Dropbox containing the scenario file. In case you want to change anything just open it in the scenario editor and you can easily proceed to the next steps to select a different set of available rides or the objectives.

Download link:

Moodbars in Amarok

Moodbar in Amarok (zie verschillende tinten in de voortgangsbalk)

Moodbars, of wel stemmingsbalken geven een visuele weergave van een stuk muziek waarbij verschillende onderdelen aan de hand van kleur te onderscheiden moeten zijn. Verderop in het artikel zal ik een script tonen waarmee je stemmingsbalken kan genereren voor je muziekcollectie. Aangezien ik niet zoveel verstand heb van muziek (dan bedoel ik natuurlijk niet mijn muzieksmaak, die is uitstekend 😉 ) past het hier het beste om het Engelstalige Wikipedia-artikel de beschrijving van een moodbar te laten geven zodat het hopelijk wat duidelijker wordt:

Moodbar is a computer visualization used for navigating within a piece of music. This is done with a horizontal bar that is divided into vertical stripes. Each stripe has a colour showing the “mood” within a short part of the song. The colour can depend on spectrum and/or rhythmic features of the part of the song. The parts of the song (intro, choruses, solos, accents etc.) as well as musical changes (dynamics, rhythm, texture, playing instruments) are clearly visible on the bar.


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Welkom op het Prutsblog

Dit blog wil ik gaan gebruiken als platform om tips over Linux, open source en computers in het algemeen te delen. Zoals de naam suggereert ben ik op geen van deze gebieden een professional maar meer iemand die zich er hobbymatig mee bezighoudt. De artikelen wil ik voornamelijk (maar niet exclusief) in het Nederlands schrijven maar er staan ook een aantal oudere artikelen op dit blog in het Engels. Deze zijn meeverhuisd van een oud blog en geïmporteerd via de handige importfunctie van WordPress. Veel leesplezier.

Music Player Daemon: A quick guide.

There are many music players available on Linux and other platforms, I wrote about that earlier. One that stands out from the crowd regarding it’s architecture is Music Player Daemon (or just mpd). It follows the client server model, where the daemon is a music server and you can connect various clients to control the music playback. It’s not the easiest to set up in Ubuntu but with this small guide it should work.

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Uninstall dropbox from Ubuntu Server

On the desktop (either on Windows and Ubuntu/Linux) it’s easy to install Dropbox and remove it as well. Lately I installed Dropbox on Ubuntu Server, where there is no GUI and no integration with Nautilus. I followed this guide to install and set it as a service on boot. However the same guide(s) does not explain how to properly remove it and I couldn’t find that info on Askubuntu in a quick search.

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